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INTEAM™ is a unique blend of talent from the world of design, shop fitting and fine craftsmanship.

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INTEAM™ furniture embodies the French way of life applied to the automobile. Inspired by the DNA of legendary automotive brands, it adopts a timeless design with clean lines, minimalist curves and masculine colors.

Designed by Lyon-based designer Rémi Bouhaniche,
INTEAM™ furniture is unique in its field.

For 3 years, a working group composed of professional racing drivers, collectors of exceptional cars and prestige automotive professionals participated in the design of the range around 3 complementary spaces: mechanics, collection and conviviality.

This high-end furniture dedicated to the garage room is fully modular, with customizable finishes, to adapt to each space and each supercar. It is also scalable, thanks to a unique system of corner covers, whose materials
and colors can easily be adapted over time.


Our design office has developed new solutions in the world of luxury furnishings, combining robustness and elegance.

To offer a new sensory experience in the garage, INTEAM™ has sourced materials that are usually reserved for luxury cars: padded leather, carbon fiber, car bodywork paint, fine wood for veneers, and more.

In addition, a number of groundbreaking innovations have been developed. These include the smooth opening of the furniture, the cover for the workbench and mobile trolley, as well as the sourcing of materials. The flexible covering of the workbench and the mobile trolley provides a new level of comfort and aesthetics. The heavy-duty and water-repellent material on the base of the furniture provides optimal protection when cleaning the garage floor.


Right from the design phase, we called upon the finest craftspeople in our region, renowned throughout the world for their contribution to the creations of the great French luxury brands.

Thus, the INTEAM™ range is part of the great tradition of French artisanal excellence, a symbol of the French art of living around the world.

With a selection of iconic pieces, such as the wall seat in the Luxury & Conviviality space, the work of an upholstery craftsman, or the small leather straps to support the books in the library, designed and made by our master craftsman Rémi Bouhaniche from Lyon.


INTEAM™ has opted for a digital design and manufacturing process. The 3D drawing of each project makes it possible to adapt the furniture to all configurations and to visualize the various options.

The information is then automatically transmitted to our digital machines – the most advanced on the market – in our workshops, for the perfect machining of each part.

The expertise and talent of our carpenters then focus on the most important steps, to perfect every detail and reveal all the magic of the materials.