Design & collection space

With its museum-style layout enhanced by lighting, the Design & Collection Space is a place for contemplation. It is designed to protect and enhance your works of art, beautiful objects and iconic equipment.

3 combinables display cases

The furniture of this INTEAM™ space is similar to that of a car museum, with tinted-glass display cabinets to protect the privacy of your objects and reveal them with accurate and adjustable lighting.

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Library display case

Showcase your beautiful collectibles, photos and autographs.


  • Illuminated glass front.
  • Unobtrusive glass shelves.
  • Stylish full-grain black leather straps, which are adjustable to hold your books. The finesse of the strap is the result of the expertise of a luxury leather worker in the Lyon region.
  • Sliding cabinet for access to storage.
  • Height-adjustable storage shelves.

Dressing room display case

Display your racing suit and store your racing equipment.


  • Illuminated glass front.
  • Concealed fitted wardrobe.
  • The entire dressing room slides forward for access to your racing or leisure equipment.
  • Large mirror on the internal height.
  • Hangers and holders for driving shoes and clothes.
  • Discreet handles.
  • Smooth and dampened opening and closing.
  • Automatic lighting on opening and closing.

Collection display case

Showcase your collectibles: trophies, helmets, model classic cars and other special pieces.


  • Illuminated glass front
  • Height-adjustable glass shelves to fit the size of your items.
  • Deep shelves for displaying large objects.
  • LED strips, for harmonious lighting with even light distribution.
  • Wide glass door.
  • Soft-open and soft-close for smooth operation.

DESIGN Customization

Decorative covers are fitted to the top corner of each INTEAM™ piece of furniture. They are the central theme of your design and can be easily modified. 3 options are available.

Car paintwork cover

Capot Laque

Cut-away covers for a sporty style, with bodywork paint in the exact colour of your vehicle.

Recommended for:

Leather cover

Capot en cuir de luxe

Rounded covers for a chic style, with black perforated automotive leather upholstery with a padded feel.

Recommended for:
Logo Puritalia

Carbon-fiber cover

Right-angled covers for a high-tech style, in woven and varnished carbon fiber.

Recommended for:

INTEAM™ Custom

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