The creation of your exceptional INTEAM™ garage follows a rigorous 7-phase process, which brings together state-of-the-art technology and traditional craftsmanship.

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Type of design, customizations, opportunity for preparatory work, etc.

We listen to you and advise you in the design of your tailor-made project.

Right from this stage, you have a single point of contact. They will remain the same until the final acceptance of the work.

Design and 3d drawing

Based on our initial discussions, a plan and photos of your garage, INTEAM™ custom designs your project with a 3D plan.

This step is essential to ensure that your expectations are fully understood. It also allows you to refine each of your choices – location, material, color – in great detail and to define a precise costing as well as the date of installation.

Based on the approved 3D drawing, the information is directly transmitted to our advanced digital machines for cutting and manufacturing.



Our production line is fully in-house. This allows us to closely monitor each stage of your project.

Our state-of-the-art digital machines make it possible, for example, to create the curved sides of the dressing room with surgical precision or to machine the handle from solid material.

Each part produced is approved according to a strict quality control process.


Our carpenters supervise and control the machining, then assemble, mount and finish your furniture.

This is an expression of excellent craftsmanship, the result of proven experience, passed down from generation to generation, for example with manual trimming to perfect the drawer of the bar cabinet.

No matter how efficient they are, no machine can match this “intelligence of the hand”.


Quality control

Once finalized and assembled, your garage is then fully “pre-assembled” in our workshop.

This step allows us to check every detail – assemblies, connections, finishes – and to make the final adjustments.


INTEAM™ takes care of the packaging of your furniture. Delivery is entrusted to our partner carrier.

Our carrier will contact you as soon as your furniture has been handed over to them, to agree on the details of the delivery



In France, our own teams transport and install your project.

In Monaco, Switzerland, the Middle East or the United States, our partner teams ensure your project is installed to the highest standard. INTEAM™ has established contacts with approved installation teams near you.