We are INTEAM™, a team
of people passionate about the world of exceptional cars. Our ambition: to make your garage your new favorite living room.

Our name – INTEAM – says it all: recreating in your home the spirit of the most amazing car events and enhancing your passion in the privacy of your home.

“In a luxury villa, the kitchen is equipped like that of a top chef. We believe that the garage of the owner of an exceptional car should be set up like that of a great racing driver, in terms of its functions and lifestyle.”

Sylvain MASSON

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The concept of teamwork is a strong value for INTEAM™.

By team, we mean a spirit and a community that is bigger than us.

We mean the team of designers, professional racing drivers, major collectors and supercar professionals who have helped us perfect our solutions over the past 3 years and fine-tune our choices for each technique and technology, each space and customisation option.

“The DNA of INTEAM™ more closely resembles the design of a luxury interior than that of a classic garage, and takes an innovative approach: using the finest materials and equipment from the automotive world, enhancing everyday car-related actions and creating a strong and beautifully elegant visual presence, tailored to each individual’s style.”

Designer, INTEAMTM

We mean the team of carpenters in our workshops and craftspeople from the incredible talent pool of our beautiful region who have worked with us to design our exceptional spaces, and who put all their talent and traditional expertise into each of our creations.

We mean all the supercar enthusiasts who, from Monaco to Geneva, from Los Angeles to Dubai, have given us the honor of creating – around their exceptional car – a showcase worthy of their passion. And all those who share the idea that the exceptional car is an exceptional way of life.

“Racing drivers at heart want to recapture the atmosphere and camaraderie of race meetings at home. And collectors and gentlemen drivers want to be able to take care of their “pieces of jewellery”, maintain them and work on them themselves or with a coach. By providing them with the perfect equipment and aesthetically pleasing and innovative furniture, INTEAM™ meets their deepest aspirations and allows them to ‘invest in their passion’.It is a durable and scalable solution that brings exceptional added value to their property.”

Sabine PERRIN 
Project Manager, INTEAMTM

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