Luxury & conviviality space

An exclusive living space inspired by the atmosphere of the great automotive events, the INTEAM™ Luxury & Conviviality Space combines elegance, comfort and technology to allow you to experience epic moments with family and friends.

4 combinable equipment

The furniture in this space combines high-end multimedia equipment with the finest French craftsmanship.

Aller à la suite

Multimedia mirror-screen cabinet

Live and relive the Grand Prix and the greatest automotive events at home.


  • The contrast between the shine of the black-tinted mirror and the mate look of the gray laminate of its frame gives the mirror screen its elegance.
  • Multimedia image in the mirror when TV mode is activated.
  • Remote control for perfect image adjustment.
  • 3 storage cupboards under the screen.

Wall-mounted seating

Photo assise luxe et convivialité

Enjoy the sporting comfort of the stands at home, with a thoroughly automotive design.


  • Leather seats.
  • Fine upholstery craftsmanship.
  • 2 black leather designs: solid and perforated, with yellow stitching.
  • Multi-layer foam for optimal seating comfort.
  • Ideal for not obstructing the traffic space around vehicles.

Bar fridge

Tiroir frigo

A service area with high quality materials to welcome your guests in style at any time of the day.


  • Fine wood veneer for the shelf and the serving tray.
  • 1 compartment with a sliding tray with integrated electrical socket, for example for a coffee machine.
  • Sliding glass display stand in varnished real wood veneer.
  • Shelves and trays slide out for ease of use.
  • Glass shelf for spirits and decanters.
  • Ambient backlight.
  • 2 large refrigerated drawers with compartments for cold drinks.
  • 1 dual-temperature wine cellar, which can hold up to 16 bottles.

Storage furniture

Cupboards that blend in with the wall panels to store everything you need
for entertaining.


  • Height-adjustable shelving.
  • Push-release handle-free technology, for optimal discretion.

DESIGN Customization

Decorative covers are fitted to the top corner of each INTEAM™ piece of furniture. They are the central theme of your design and can be easily modified. 3 options are available.

Car paintwork cover

Capot Laque

Cut-away covers for a sporty style, with bodywork paint in the exact colour of your vehicle.

Recommended for:

Leather cover

Capot en cuir de luxe

Rounded covers for a chic style, with black perforated automotive leather upholstery with a padded feel.

Recommended for:
Logo Puritalia

Carbon-fiber cover

Right-angled covers for a high-tech style, in woven and varnished carbon fiber.

Recommended for:

INTEAM™ Custom

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